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About us

DKdermal stands for the name of our founder and ideological leader – Doctor King.

He was the first one to think about and look for suppliers on the international level as a key to optimization of the company’s costs. The idea became incredibly successful, and we were one of the first to make such wholesale purchases in our own interests.

More than 10 years ago, we were responsible for the supply chain in the enormous net of cosmetic salons and medspa, and of course, we were looking to enter the market with lower prices. We have built a logistics network for our own purposes and brought the net of our companies to a new level. Now, due to significant interest in our services, we have split into a subsidiary DKdermal. After so many years of experience, we are ready to share our achievements and provide you with our services.

Behind this online store stands a whole network of international companies, warehouses, logistics experts, and licensed pharmacists. We carefully check all our suppliers and cooperate just with the best. All these years, we never had even once not authentic products.

We are constantly growing and expanding the range of products and markets we are working with, improving our logistics and cooperate with new companies. Of course, the export of products, especially those with thermal requirements, has definite risks. And in no way we want it to be your risks. Delivery is our responsibility, and we take all risks for it.

If you use Dermal Fillers and Botulinum in large quantities and understand how this business works, we are sure we can build close cooperation.


Dr. King


“Price discrimination in the market is just huge, although a pack that leaves the factory always has the same price!”
Dr. King