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Dermal fillers Stylage are well-known in the aesthetic medicine sphere because of the great formula of the product and various uses it can be meant for. At DKderma, Stylage dermal filler products are available for purchase by licensed specialists at the most affordable prices on the market. Place an order now or contact one of our managers if you are not sure how to do it on your own.

What Should You Know About Stylage Fillers

In order to understand Stylage’s working principle better, we recommend reading some basic information about the brand mentioned below; in case any questions occur while you read, feel free to get in touch with our managers for assistance.

You can buy Stylage products online at DKderma; just add everything you need to the cart. Remember to subscribe to our newsletters so as not to miss discounts and special offers!


The manufacturer of Stylage concentrated filler is The Vivacy Laboratories, which is famous in the cosmetic beauty sphere for its excellent and safe injectables. The French company has been selling Stylage since 2009, and it only improves the formula and products themselves every year.


Stylage lip filler (as well as filers for wrinkles correction) are famous for their beneficial components that allow reaching excellent results and long-lasting improvement. So, what are these ingredients?

  • Hyaluronic acid – helps to hydrate dermis and keep moisture better;
  • Natural antioxidant mannitol (in some cases, sorbitol) – reduces post-treatment inflammations, puffiness, and other adverse reactions;
  • Lidocaine – helps to avoid painful sensations during the treatment and makes the injection session more comfortable in general.


Patented IPN-Like technology is used to bind and cross-link the hyaluronic acid molecules, which is crucial for natural-looking results. With its help, the gel becomes much smoother, and plastic, so deep facial creases and mimic wrinkles are filled in better.

Treatment Protocol

Before the injection session, a doctor should examine the treated area and discuss desired results with a customer; afterward, the number of Stylage units and an approximate number of sessions may be calculated. Before the gel administration, a nurse should apply numbing cream on the skin surface to eliminate discomfort caused by the needle insertion. Also, some patients may need a massage after the filler administration to smooth out it under the skin evenly, but this step can only be done by a specialist.


Stylage can be chosen for a patient for the following aesthetic purposes:

  • Skin depressions treatment (superficial lines, severe wrinkles in different spots, imperfections reduction, namely nasolabial folds, marionette lines, etc.);
  • Facial contouring (nose bridge correction, cheekbones and chin definition, and so on);
  • Lip contouring and lip augmentation;
  • Etc.

We would recommend discussing the aesthetic goals with a specialist first to ensure the product can fulfill all the needs of an individual. If not, there are plenty of alternatives on the market so that the best option can be picked anytime.


Stylage products are contraindicated to people if they relate to any issue mentioned in the list below:

  • If an individual is under the age of 18;
  • If an individual has hypersensitivity or allergies to any components of the filler (for example, lidocaine);
  • If an individual has skin inflammation, irritation, or damage around the injection spot;
  • If an individual suffers from a serious health disorder, such as poor blood clotting, autoimmune disease, or epilepsy;
  • If an individual is pregnant or breastfeeding.

Note: Some other individual factors can also affect one’s ability to use Stylage as their injectable of choice; all of those should be discussed with a medical professional during the appointment.

Adverse Reactions

Stylage injections are safe and rarely cause side effects; still, some people with a high sensitivity to certain components can experience minor inconveniences after the injection session. We are talking about the following symptoms:

  • Bruising;
  • Itching;
  • Mild swelling;
  • Temporary redness around the treated area;
  • Irritation at the injection site.

If a proper aftercare routine is used, the recovery period shouldn’t take longer than two days. However, in case a person notices any complications (for example, allergic reactions, trouble breathing, signs of filler migration, etc.), it is crucial to get in touch with a doctor as soon as possible to avoid dangerous conditions.


Stylage fillers work well for numerous aesthetic purposes: starting from superficial wrinkles reduction and ending with facial contours improvement. Thus, the durability of the results depends greatly on the injection spot, its size, general skin condition, final goals of the treatment, and numerous other factors.

If the procedure is performed correctly, an individual may expect up to a year of improvement (sometimes longer), as well as a noticeable boost in collagen production, skin tone and texture improvement, and other positive results.

More About Stylage for Deep Wrinkles

DKdermal offers an excellent selection of injectables by the Stylage brand, so the correct one can be picked based on a patient’s needs. Mainly, all fillers are different because of the volume, hyaluronic acid concentration, density, and the areas they would work the best for. So, what fillers can you buy on this website?

Please, remember that Stylage can only be used by licensed specialists with proper qualifications. If an amateur uses filler for personal purposes, it can be dangerous and lead to severe, even life-threatening conditions.

Buy Stylage Dermal Fillers at DKderma

As a trustworthy supplier, DKdermal offers an excellent selection of dermal fillers, botulinum toxins, and other products for cosmetic beauty treatments. By choosing us, you select a first-class customer experience and the best service on the market. Use these benefits:

  • Wide selection of aesthetic medicine goods;
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  • Reliable customer support team to assist during ordering.

All contact information is mentioned on the Contact Us webpage, so check it out if you want to get in touch. We are looking forward to our future cooperation!

On a side note: Only certified healthcare professionals are eligible to buy Stylage online, as well as other products intended for professional use online.