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These days, Botox is one of the most widespread brands of cosmetic products based on botulinum toxin. It is effectively used by healthcare professionals in order to treat a wide range of medical and aesthetic conditions.

Below, you will find a detailed overview of Botox. Let us check out the information on the manufacturer, active substance, working principle, indications, expected results, and other peculiarities of the brand.

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Is it safe to buy Botox online?

Well, it is. However, it is of vital importance to find a reliable supplier of authentic medical and beauty products since it is the only way to ensure patients with safe treatment

Is it legal to order Botox online?

Well, it is. However, only certified medical professionals are eligible to order Allergan Botox and other products intended for professional use online.

Who Is the Manufacturer of Botox?

The manufacturer of Botox is Allergan. It is a global pharmaceutical corporation that has recently become a part of AbbVie. Apart from Botox, Allergan also produces Juvederm, Coolsculpting, Alphagan, and other registered trademarks of cosmetic and medical products. In our store you can also buy Juvederm online.

All solutions of the Allergan brand might be characterized by high quality, effectiveness, and safety. Therefore, Botox is an FDA-approved brand of medical and cosmetic injectables that provides a patient with great results without causing any serious complications.

How Does Botox Work?

The working principle of Botox is pretty straightforward. It is directly connected to its power to temporarily relax muscles:

  • After a healthcare practitioner uses a fine gauge needle to inject Botox into a certain muscle of a patient, it starts to temporarily block the nerve signals that are connected to this muscle;
  • This way, Botox makes the affected muscle relax for a certain period of time. It eventually leads to the reduction of a certain medical or aesthetic problem connected to muscle tension.

Only patients without severe health problems (like diabetes mellitus, untreated epilepsy, or poor blood clotting) are eligible to undergo the injection of Botox. Moreover, the recommended dose of the product should be defined individually for each patient by a licensed physician. The ignorance of these simple rules might lead to an increased risk of serious complications after the procedure.

What Are Botox Injections Used for?

What Are Botox Injections Used for?

Based on their main usage applications, all injections of Botox might be subdivided into two large groups:

  • Medical Botox injection;
  • Cosmetic Botox injection.

Botox Medical injection is used to treat a wide range of health problems associated with muscle tension, such as:

  • Muscle spasms in the eyelid, jaw, neck, vagina, and other areas of a patient’s body (for instance, cervical dystonia and related to it neck pain);
  • Episodic migraine (namely, an especially serious headache that occurs from time to time and cannot be reduced by simple analgesics);
  • Upper limb spasticity and lower limb spasticity (conditions that affect the way patients move their upper or lower limbs);
  • Urge urinary incontinence (namely, an urgent uncontrollable need to pee or the so-called overactive bladder);
  • Strabismus (or, as it is simply called, the improper alignment of eyes);
  • Hyperhidrosis (a condition that is characterized by excessive sweating, especially under arms);
  • And a wide range of other muscle-related medical conditions.

Botox Cosmetic injection, in its turn, is used to take care of dynamic (or, as they are also called, mimic) wrinkles. These are the skin imperfections that appear on a patient’s face when facial expressions are made, for instance:

  • Frown wrinkles;
  • Forehead lines;
  • Nasolabial folds;
  • Crow’s feet;
  • And other dynamic skin depressions.

While being effective in treating dynamic wrinkles, the administration of botulinum toxins might have little effect on static wrinkles. They are recommended to be addressed with the help of an injection of a dermal filler based on hyaluronic acid, calcium hydroxylapatite, or poly-L-lactic acid. Moreover, Botox is not usually used to lift cheeks or plump lips since these cosmetic purposes should also be achieved with the help of dermal fillers.

What Is the Expected Result of Botox Injections?

Based on numerous clinical trials and feedback from adult patients, the expected result of the treatment that employs Botox might be described as follows:

  • Immediate muscle relaxation, which eventually leads to the reduction of muscle-related health conditions (for instance, urinary retention);
  • Effective skin rejuvenation, which is achieved with the help of the reduction of dynamic creases (such as nasolabial folds).

On average, the above-mentioned result lasts up to six months. However, its exact duration depends on the individual peculiarities of each patient.

The result of Botox is not permanent since the spread of the toxin effect fades away because of chemical reactions in a patient’s body.

As soon as the result of the Botox treatment starts to fade away, a further injection of the product is advisable. It will help to keep a patient’s appearance rejuvenated longer.

Apart from efficiently achieving its medical and aesthetic purposes, the administration of Botox might lead to the appearance of certain adverse reactions, namely:

  • Hypersensitivity reactions;
  • Skin irritation at the injection site;
  • Flu-like symptoms (including nausea and headache);
  • Painful feelings around the area of the treatment;
  • And other side effects.

The feeling of pain or discomfort during the injection of Botox might be substantially reduced with the help of anesthetic topical agents being applied to a patient’s skin shortly before the procedure.

All the above-mentioned adverse reactions have a temporary character. In most cases, they tend to disappear on their own within a couple of days after the treatment.

However, a patient should immediately contact a medical professional in case of experiencing a severe health condition (for instance, myasthenia gravis) after the injection of Botox.

So, place your order on DKdermal at any time and get your aesthetic medicine products (like Botox, dermal fillers, PDO threads, mesotherapy solutions, and other preparations) at affordable prices!

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