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Perfectha – a famous dermal filler brand well-known for its beneficial abilities, long-lasting results, and unique formula that makes it safe for practically any patient. It works well for various purposes, so different problems can be solved with its help – starting from wrinkles correction and ending with facial contouring. Below, we would like to discuss this brand in more detail!

Dkdermal offers the opportunity to order facial fillers of the most popular brands at a wholesale price.

As a Perfectha supplier (as well as the supplier of many other brands), we can help you choose the best treatment options among everything present on this site).

Basic Information About the Perfectha Brand

Incredibly popular among aesthetic specialists, the Perfectha range is a well-known hyaluronic acid injectable used for skin rejuvenation. At dkdermal.com, you may purchase various fillers from this brand. Perfectha fillers’ price varies based on different factors, namely the number of boxes, type of gel, and others, so make sure to check everything out before placing an order (or talk to one of our managers to discuss all the nuances you are interested in).


The manufacturer of Perfectha hyaluronic acid gel is Sinclair from France; created in 2007, this dermal filler works well for skin depressions treatment, so many cosmetic beauty specialists prefer to use it in their practice.


Among the most essential ingredients in Perfectha dermal fillers composition are, of course, these two solutions:

  • Cross-linked hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin. This one works great for volume restoration and wrinkle correction;
  • Lidocaine. This component guarantees a painless and comfortable administration session.

Thanks to the unique formula, the results may last for more than a year (however, this factor depends greatly on the filler type, a person’s skin condition, age, and many others).

Note: Perfectha biphasic hyaluronic acid gel rarely causes adverse reactions and is naturally absorbed by the body after a certain amount of time.


The name of a special technology used for the Perfectha line is E-BRID, which was evaluated by the Global Community of Experts. With its help, the product has denser HA stabilization, which has an incredible effect on the gel’s durability and stabilization in the body (just like that, the chances of unfortunate filler migration become much lower because of the beneficial formula of the product).

Treatment Protocol

According to the treatment protocol of the fillers from the Perfectha family, the procedure can only be performed by a licensed medical professional qualified to use injectables in the clinic. Before the process, target areas should be observed in order to calculate the amount of gel needed to reach desired effects, the approximate number of administration sessions, and other crucial factors. During the procedure, the numbing cream is used on the skin surface to avoid discomfort caused by needles; after that, Perfectha can be easily injected into the treated zone. If needed, a specialist may massage the area to evenly spread the gel under the skin.


The main purpose of Perfectha for aesthetic treatment is to improve skin and eliminate aging signs that can noticeably affect one’s looks. So, Perfectha is usually used for these beauty goals:

  • Skin imperfections reduction (superficial lines, severe wrinkles in various regions, such as nasolabial folds, marionette lines, and so on);
  • Facial contours improvement (for example, nose bridge correction, cheekbones and chin definition, and so on);
  • Lip contouring and lip augmentation;
  • And so on.

Except for all its amazing uses, the filler also works excellent for natural collagen production improvement, skin tone and texture boost, and other beneficial purposes.


The Perfectha line cannot be used for an individual if any of these symptoms are related to them:

  • If a person is under the age of 18;
  • If a person is allergic to any ingredients of the filler (especially lidocaine);
  • If a person has skin inflammation, irritation, or damage around the injection spot;
  • If a person suffers from a serious health disorder, such as poor blood clotting, autoimmune disease, or epilepsy;
  • If a person is pregnant or breastfeeding.

Note: Some other individual factors can also affect one’s ability to use Perfectha as their injectable of choice; all of those should be discussed with a medical professional during the appointment.

Adverse Reactions

Perfectha is a safe dermal filler with minimal adverse reactions afterward; at the same time, some general irritations are still possible, so it is better to inform a patient about them in advance:

  • Bruising;
  • Itching;
  • Mild swelling;
  • Temporary redness around the treated area;
  • Irritation at the injection site.

A few days are typically enough for all the symptoms to disappear on their own; we would also recommend discussing individual aftercare routines with a doctor to make sure everything possible is done to make the recovery process faster.

Note: If more severe side effects occur, it is crucial to get in touch with a medical professional as soon as possible to prevent post-treatment complications.


This brand works perfectly well for various aesthetic purposes; thus, different people may use it for multiple purposes. Among the most popular ones are, of course, severe to moderate wrinkles reduction, facial contouring, and lip enhancement. After the administration, the effect may last up to 18 months based on the product type, as well as some individual aspects, like the age of a client, their skin condition, and others.

Perfectha Product Line

At DKderma, it is possible to buy different variations of Perfectha fillers, so make sure to check everything out on the brand page. Below, we’ll mention the main characteristics of the injectables (you can look at details by clicking on the product on the website).

Perfectha Complement

This injectable with a low density and a volume of 0.8ml is perfect for face, neck, and decollete areas. Lidocaine is not included in the composition of this Perfectha variation, so using a numbing cream for this one is crucial to avoid painful sensations during the injection session.

Perfectha Deep

This product’s medium density allows it to easily fill in wrinkles in such zones as the forehead, cheeks, nose, lips, and chin. Lidocaine is included in the 1ml of the product’s volume, so comfortable administration is guaranteed here.

Perfectha Derm

This variation is mainly used for lip augmentation and facial contouring; however, some specialists also choose it for nasolabial folds reduction. The volume of the filler is 1ml; medium density allows preservation of the results for almost a year.

Perfectha Fine Lines

The volume of this filler is 0.55ml; the density is low. It is usually chosen for a periorbital zone, and the absence of lidocaine in the composition means that an anesthetic should be applied by a doctor before the injection session.

Perfectha Subskin

The high density of this dermal filler makes it one of the best products for facial contouring and nose bridge correction. After injecting it into the deep dermis, the product’s effect may last for up to 18 months, which is quite beneficial for many individuals.

Buy Perfectha Online on DKderma

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All contact information is mentioned on the Contact Us webpage, so check it out if you want to get in touch. We are looking forward to our future cooperation!

On a side note: Only certified healthcare professionals are eligible to buy Perfectha and other products intended for professional use online.