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Skin rejuvenation and improvement without the need to go under the surgeon’s knife – fantasy or the reality?

With the help of mesotherapy, all the dreams come true! Not only can this treatment help to get back glowing, youthful skin, but it is also able to deal with various other problems, such as fat reduction and hair loss. You can buy remedies for mesotherapy on dkdermal.com!

Buy Mesotherapy Products Online on Dkdermal

Even though there are a lot of online suppliers of the products for aesthetics treatments, DKdermal is considered to be one of the best distributors on the USA market. A wide range of goods you may choose from:

In addition, the list of benefits you may use also includes:

  • Stable stock;
  • Affordable costs;
  • The possibility to order wholesale;
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As we have already mentioned, doctors usually use hyaluronic acid based solutions to get natural results in the skin after the mesotherapy treatment. The most popular brands include:

You can find all the products mentioned above on our website. Of course, the remedies have some differences. For example, the results durability after the injection. While Fillmed requires the supporting session only once every three months, Cytocare demands an appointment every month. Moreover, the medicines also vary in their composition: whether or not they contain lidocaine, how dense the structure is, what nutrients the remedy includes, etc.

Besides, the type of solution that should be used depends on the age category, as well as skin areas that are chosen for the injection. E.g., if you would use the same mesotherapy cocktail for eliminating wrinkles and fat deposits, you won’t get the desired results because different formulas are needed to see the effect.

Basic Properties

The remedies for mesotherapy are mainly based on hyaluronic acid. The treatment itself is a series of tiny punctures that inject helpful substances into the mesoderm layer of the skin. The solution may include such ingredients as vitamins, nutrients, plant extracts, amino acids, minerals, etc. Moreover, the injection also stimulates the recovery process and natural collagen and elastin production, which helps restore the lost skin volume, hydrate dry dermis, and improve the overall appearance.

The type of medicine, as well as the number of procedures, is usually defined based on the patient’s needs and desired results. The procedure itself lasts no longer than an hour and has to be repeated four-six times (every seven-fourteen days) to obtain the long-term effect.


Products for mesotherapy treatments are mostly used for three purposes:

  • Rejuvenate. Anti-aging procedures are the basis of aesthetic medicine. Botox, dermal filler, lifting – all of that is meant to improve looks and make the patient look younger. The same with mesotherapy – it may not only treat the skin on the face, neck, and arms but also get rid of the wrinkles and improve the overall health condition;
  • Fat reduction. This procedure in mesotherapy is for those who are trying to lose weight, but training and diet are not enough for them. With the help of mesotherapy and its special technique, it is possible to reduce unwanted fat deposits in the thighs, belly, arms, neck, and back areas. A unique formula of the solution helps to break the fat cell in the body, eliminate cellulite and get the patients the figure without the fat they always wanted;
  • Hair loss. This cosmetic procedure may also treat a condition called alopecia. When vitamins, amino acids, plant extracts, nutrients, and other profitable substances are injected into the head (near the hair follicle), it stimulates blood circulation and natural elastin and collagen production.

As you can see, various issues can be treated without the need for surgical intervention. The outstanding results and prolonged effect made mesotherapy injections extremely popular among the patients. H6wever, the specialists do not recommend using mesotherapy procedures along with Botox treatments, permanent make-up, and radio wave lifting.


With the help of mesotherapy products, it is possible not only to erase wrinkles and deeper creases on the face but also to get rid of such skin imperfections as pigmentation marks and post-acne scars. Moreover, the doctor can enhance the results after the dermal fillers in the skin with this injection. And, again, do not forget about reducing fatty deposits and cellulite in the body.

By using just one injecting mesotherapy procedure, it is possible to enrich the skin with all the needed substances, as well as remove unwanted skin and health issues.

Side Effects

As with every cosmetic treatment, mesotherapy has a list of side effects all the patients should be aware of. It includes:

  • Slight swelling;
  • Sensitivity in the injection sites;
  • Redness of the injected places;
  • Itching;
  • Insignificant bruising;
  • Bumps at the punctures areas;
  • Rash;
  • Nausea.

All of these symptoms should be gone within a week. If not, or if there are any severe reactions, the patient has to contact the doctor immediately.

In order to avoid undesirable complications and health troubles after the mesotherapy, the client should avoid alcohol, salty foods, and blood-thinning medicines for a few days after the mesotherapy. Moreover, it is recommended to protect treated skin areas from direct sunlight, use sunscreen, and not visit such places as saunas, solariums, and pools.


If the patients match with any of the contraindications mentioned below, they are not allowed to use mesotherapy treatment to rejuvenate their skin because it can affect their health:

  • Pregnancy or breastfeeding;
  • Clients on anticoagulants drugs;
  • People with heart disease, who have cardiac stimulator or take cardiac drugs (e.g., hydralazine, calcium channel blocker, beta-blockers, etc.);
  • Those with skin inflammations or damages at the skin area of the treatments;
  • Diabetes mellitus;
  • Oncological diseases;
  • Gallstones.

Before the actual mesotherapy treatment injections, it is necessary to make an appointment with patients in order to find out whether or not they are allowed to have this procedure.

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