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Botox Under Eyes: Effectiveness and Cost

18 Aug 2022
Botox Under Eyes: Effectiveness and Cost

The area around the eyes has the thinnest skin on the facial surface, thus is incredibly sensitive and requires extreme carefulness and a special pumper routine in order not to be hurt. Unfortunately, that’s also why the under-eye zone is the first to start aging and losing its elasticity, firmness, and youthful glow. However, thanks to the advanced development of the aesthetic medicine sphere, there is a perfect solution for such an issue – botulinum toxin injections.

Botox is a famous brand mainly associated with cosmetic medicine, as well as muscle spasms treatments (such as excessive sweating, overactive bladder syndrome, cervical dystonia, etc.). However, typically medical experts choose it to prevent skin aging and pause dynamic wrinkles occurrence. In today’s article, we would like to discuss how exactly Botox can be helpful for the under-eye area treatment and all the nuances people should be aware of before going through it.

And a kind reminder: all information here is for informational purposes only! We recommend talking to an experienced professional to make sure the treatment is suitable for your individual needs.

Reasons to Use Botox Injections Under Eyes

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Botox is an injectable with botulinum toxin type A at the base of its composition. In the cosmetic beauty sphere, it is believed to be the most effective solution to prevent aging signs and general skin dullness in people. The working principle of this remedy is pretty simple: it paralyzes facial muscles temporarily by getting to the nerve endings and pausing their contractions.

The most popular administration spots are facial areas with the most movement, such as around the mouth, forehead, etc. Botox injected to get rid of crow’s feet and other imperfections around the eyes is not the most common practice; it requires great expertise from the medical professional in order not to hurt the patient and make sure the desired results are achieved without any severe complications afterward. It is usually used as an addition to the primary treatment and is rarely recommended as a stand-alone procedure. And of course, a doctor should be a qualified professional to perform such a delicate injection.

Note: DKdermal offers an excellent variety of aesthetic medicine goods and products for doctors with valid medical licenses by the Botox brand. Unprofessional usage of these injectables is illegal and can be dangerous for patients’ well-being. However, if you are an officially licensed specialist, you can order Botox online here.

Issues Under-Eye Botox Treatment Cannot Solve

Even though Botox works perfectly well for the reduction of wrinkles, there are two cosmetic treatments it cannot be used for: dark circles and eye puffiness elimination. These two are not dangerous health conditions, but they can affect one’s look badly and, as a result, have a negative influence on a person’s self-esteem. And that’s why aesthetic medicine exists: to provide people with the looks they have always dreamt of.

Dark Circles

With age, our skin becomes thinner because some crucial substances in the body are produced slower (for example, elastin, collagen, hyaluronic acid, etc.). That’s why blood vessels under the eyes become more visible, and people notice unattractive dark shadows in this area, which not only make you look like you are always tired but are also pretty hard to cover.

As Botox’s main purpose is skin aging prevention, it has nothing to do with lost volume restoration. So, specialists recommend choosing dermal fillers instead of filling in hollow spots and reducing the dark circle under the eyes.

Eye Puffiness

Mild swelling is also typical for some people due to muscle weakness in the eyelids, which also develops with age. As a result, the surrounding fat moves into the eyelids, and bags under the eyes occur.

As for possible treatments, dermal fillers can be administered to the cheeks to reduce puffiness in the eyes. Fat removal procedures and laser treatment can also be excellent options. However, don’t forget about the importance of the professional consultation crucial for positive results.

Procedure’s Protocol And What to Expect

Procedure's Protocol And What to Expect 

As Botox is a non-surgical procedure for cosmetic purposes, the initial injection session doesn’t last longer than 30 minutes. The solution is administered under the skin using tiny needles (typically, one to two units are enough to see the positive result). The best spot to inject the remedy is into the lower part of the orbicularis oculi; this muscle closes the eyes in the lower eyelid. It is crucial to find the middle between a very low dose and too high an amount of Botox to provide effective treatment without severe complications afterward.

The under-eye zone treatment is recommended mainly for the crow’s feet reduction; the effect becomes visible approximately ten days after the injection session because botulinum toxin requires some time to block the nerve endings and stop the contraction.

Durability And Excellent Effects of Botox

Wellness professionals warn that you may not notice skin perfection right after the administration session. Some time is required for the product to start working (up to ten days), and the full effect should be noticeable in a month. Speaking about the durability of the results, typically, it varies between four and six months based on certain individual peculiarities of a patient’s body (age, health condition, skin type, and so on).

Medically reviewed by numerous medical professionals, Botox has proven itself as an effective, well-performing, safe injectable for facial skin rejuvenation. However, it is not suitable for patients in some cases and should be replaced with a dermal filler and other treatments. For example, we are talking about such aesthetic problems as deep fine lines or skin laxity caused by the lack of HA and collagen in the body. So, once again, always consult with a professional. Only by doing so will you be able to perfect your appearance effectively!

Possible Post-Treatment Reactions

Adverse reactions are completely normal for any type of aesthetic medicine procedure as it includes administration of foreign substance/product under the skin. They are typically not dangerous and last for a few days maximum; if a correct aftercare routine is discussed with a professional and used after the injection session, all side effects will disappear in no time. Commonly, patients inform about the following symptoms:

  • Injection site reactions (such as redness, itching, etc.);
  • Swelling in the administration zone;
  • Bruising in the places of the needle punctures;
  • Headache and dizziness;
  • Slight neck pain;
  • Muscle weakness.

Everything mentioned above is not dangerous and disappears pretty fast. However, as it is a medical treatment, severe symptoms are also possible in some patients (even though they are pretty rare). So, inform a doctor immediately if Botox under eyes gone wrong and you experience at least one of the following adverse reactions:

  • Constant painful sensations at and near the treatment zone;
  • Flu-like symptoms (fever, extreme weakness, etc.);
  • Severe allergic reactions (swelling of the throat, tongue, etc.);
  • Trouble breathing;
  • Blurry vision;
  • Etc.

It is crucial to warn a doctor about the medical conditions after a received injection in order to preserve one’s well-being and make sure nothing threatens a patient’s life.

How to Know Whether You Are a Good Candidate for Botox Under Eyes

Botox treatment is not a universal procedure that can be used for any customer; in order to try this procedure, you have to be a good candidate for it. There are a few requirements that should be discussed with a medical professional beforehand to make sure a botulinum toxin product is safe for an individual and is indeed able to provide them with the first-class results of the highest quality. Here they are:

  • Be older than 18 years;
  • Have the first signs of crow’s feet;
  • Facial muscles should be in good condition (typically, Botox is recommended to younger individuals to prevent aging signs from occurring);
  • Be in good well-being, in general, to guarantee safe procedure and minimal side effects afterward.

Botox won’t be an excellent option for older patients with severe aging signs, as well as for those with skin laxity and sagging problems. Also, the remedy is forbidden for customers with these issues:

  • Increased sensitivity to the active ingredient;
  • The poor condition of the skin n the treated spot (damage, irritations, wounds);
  • Acute stages of chronic illnesses (such as diabetes mellitus or epilepsy);
  • And so on.

It is unknown how Botox affects unborn or nursing babies, so for women, it is recommended to have an additional consultation with a medical professional to make sure the procedure would be safe for both her and a child.

Reminder: Always check the qualification of your doctor in order to make sure the procedure will be conducted by an experienced professional. Amateurs’ inexperienced work can cause severe complications and dangerous conditions in an individual. So, always be conscious for your own well-being. 

Botox Costs And Affordability

Botox, dermal fillers, and other aesthetic medicine products are a great alternative to sometimes pricy and quite dangerous plastic surgeries. By administering it once every six months, people have a chance to postpone the occurrence of crow-s feet and other lines and creases around the eyes without the need to throw away thousands of dollars for skin rejuvenation purposes.

The average cost of Botox is $12 per unit, but the price may vary based on the clinic, the doctor’s expertise, as well as the condition of the treated zone. In case you are a male customer, mind that men usually require more units of Botox due to their thicker skin and generally stronger muscles.

Final Word. Botox Under Eyes

Botox under-eye treatments are not typical in the cosmetic beauty world but are still effective. People choose them to prevent crow’s feet and other mimic wrinkles in the eye zone; however, some specialists claim Botox is not the safest option to use near the eyes and prefer dermal fillers instead.

The procedure itself is fast and non-problematic, doesn’t take a lot of time, and can provide a beneficial effect for up to six months. However, the treatment should be performed only by a licensed medical professional in order to guarantee a fast, beneficial effect. And, of course, don’t forget about safety rules; warn a doctor if anything bothers you after the administration session. That’s it for today; thank you for tuning in! Check out the blog for other helpful articles from our professionals.


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