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Manufacturer: Revitacare
Capacity: 5ml
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Brand: Cytocare

Problems to be solved: Skin hydration, strengthening skin turgor, fine wrinkles

Volume: 5 ml

Country of origin: France

The Main Features of Cytocare 502 10x5ml Vials

To keep the skin looking fresh and beautiful, it is very important to maintain its nutrition and health from a young age. At the age of 18, it seems that youth will be eternal, and all the problems of mature people seem to be something distant and not interesting. Nevertheless, only taking care of your appearance, and the most important, of your skin, will allow you to delay the development of the inevitable manifestations of aging for some time and always look attractive.

If we are talking about effective cosmetology methods to improve the condition of the skin and rejuvenate the face, neck, or décolleté, bio revitalization with complex meso cocktails is one of the most effective.

The recognized brand of aesthetic medicine, Revitacare, is the French company, which manufactures a series of prepared Cytocare mesotherapy cocktails with hyaluronic acid, amino acids, vitamins and minerals on the basis of its own laboratory for nourishing the skin and boosting active processes of cell regeneration and restoration. In total, the company presents 3 gels created for different age categories:

  • Cytocare 502;
  • CYTOCARE 516;
  • CYTOCARE 532 32mg 10 vials x 5mL.

Healthy and Young Skin with the New Cytocare 502 Booster

Cytocare 502 gel has been developed specifically for patients aged 25-35 to prevent early aging and help the skin to fight first aging manifestations. The uniqueness of the remedy lies in its versatile and powerful composition, which has a multifaceted impact on the skin.

Healthy cocktail Cytocare 502 includes the following ingredients:

  • non-stabilized hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin at a concentration of 2 mg per 5 ml, which has a moisturizing, regenerating, and antioxidant effect on skin cells and the intercellular matrix;
  • useful amino acids that supply tissues with protein material for the construction of elastin and collagen;
  • a complex of vitamins and minerals for nutrition and cell growth, restoration of microcirculation within tissues and dermis;
  • natural nootropic DMAE, which promotes cell division and has a pronounced tightening effect.

Such an active and beneficial set of ingredients provides the derma with beneficial compounds, triggers important metabolic processes, and creates reliable protection against the damaging impact of external agents and free radicals.

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The main indications for the use of Cytocare 502

  • deep hydration for dry and dehydrated skin;
  • increasing turgor and elasticity for thinned and “stressed” skin of the face and body, as well as the skin of a smoker;
  • preparation for laser resurfacing, peeling, and plastic surgery procedures, including rehabilitation after them;
  • elimination of superficial wrinkles, skin xerosis;
  • caring “weekend” procedure;
  • reduction of medium and deep wrinkles;
  • prevention of photoaging;
  • protection before and after ultraviolet irradiation;
  • getting rid of excessive pigmentation.

Cytocare 502 treatment should be done regularly for an attractive appearance all year round. Traditionally, 6 sessions are performed with an interval of a week. After that, the patient should go through one more procedure every two weeks and do not forget about supporting injections every month.

Only a qualified and certified cosmetologist is allowed to perform the injections with CYTOCARE 502 Hyaluronic Acid (10x5ml) under complete sterility. The cocktail is suitable for the injection into:

  • face;
  • neck;
  • décolleté;
  • back of the hands.

Refreshed and rested skin, resistant to negative external factors, is one of the main effects after the procedure. Injections of Cytocare 502 smooth fine wrinkles and make sure deep lines and folds become less pronounced, increase the turgor and elasticity of the dermis, making the skin shine from the inside with youth and health.

Considering the need to pierce soft tissues, the procedure can cause minor side reactions, traditional for any intradermal manipulation – redness, soreness, swelling at the injection sites. Such wounds heal for several days and do not require medical advice.

To achieve the maximum effect and reduce the risks of negative complications and gel rejection, you should follow the doctor’s recommendation:

  • do not wash or touch the treatment area,
  • do not apply decorative cosmetics on the first day after injection;
  • for the next week or two, refuse to visit the pool, gym, sauna, and solarium.

Contraindications Cytocare 502

The drug is usually well tolerated by patients but has a number of contraindications:

  • intolerance reaction to at least one of the components of the booster;
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • minor age;
  • acute inflammatory and infectious processes;
  • oncological neoplasms;
  • mental illness;
  • hepatitis;
  • tendency to scar tissue;
  • blood clotting disorders.

It is forbidden to use the revitalizant for the periorbital and perioral areas, to inject it into the blood vessels, tendons, ligaments, and muscles.

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