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Manufacturer: Bayer
Capacity: 52mg
Form: IUD


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Mirena (Turkey) is a T-shaped contraceptive product that is placed into the uterine. Active substance – levonorgestrel (20 mcg / 24 h). Its shape and unique formula guarantee the prolonged effect and maximum comfort while using it.

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Principle of Work

The active substance gestagen (levonorgestrel) is released directly into the uterus. It increases the viscosity of the cervical secretion. In this way, it prevents the infiltration of sperm into the uterine cavity due to a decrease in sperm movability and changes in the endometrium, so the possibility of egg fertilization decreases.

Mirena does not affect reproductive function. Usually, it gets possible to get pregnant within 12 months after the removal of the product. The contraceptive keeps its effect for 5 years.

Side Effects

While using Mirena non-English packaging 52 mg 1 IUD, the appearance of these side effects is possible:

● Allergic reactions;
● Depression or mood swings;
● Nausea;
● Acne or skin hyperpigmentation;
● Backache;
● Changes in the patient’s menstrual cycle;
● Breast swelling and pain;
● Ovarian cysts.

If the contraceptive provokes such side effects as migraine, jaundice, serious arterial hypertension, or acute circulatory disorders (such as stroke and myocardial infarction), it is recommended to contact the doctor immediately.


● Pregnancy or surmise of it;
● Severe or periodic inflammatory illnesses of the pelvic organs;
● Infections of inner and outer genital organs;
● Septic abortion within the last 3 months;
● Cervicitis;
● Cervix dysplasia;
● Severe liver disease or liver tumors;
● Age over 65 years;
● Hypersensitivity to levonorgestrel or any other drug components.

If the patient has diabetes or inborn heart defects, it is recommended to consult with the specialist whether she should use Mirena 52 mg 1 IUD (Non-English).

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    For its price, Mirena Turkish works pretty well. At least, I’ve never got any complaints from my patients, which is great proof of its safety and overall comfort while using it.

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    Mirena Turkish is nice, but I still prefer the classic one.

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    The product is good, and the price is pretty affordable.

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