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15 Nov 2022
Around 10% of people all around the world have a so-called gummy smile. While some of them do not pay attention to this aesthetic issue or even find it cute, others dream of getting rid of it. But what exactly is a gummy smile? What are its causes, treatment options, and expected results? Moreover, how […]
18 Aug 2022
The area around the eyes has the thinnest skin on the facial surface, thus is incredibly sensitive and requires extreme carefulness and a special pumper routine in order not to be hurt. Unfortunately, that’s also why the under-eye zone is the first to start aging and losing its elasticity, firmness, and youthful glow. However, thanks […]
7 Jul 2022
On average, a Botox injection takes only about fifteen minutes. Within such a limited time, however, it might “do wonders” to a patient’s skin by means of substantially rejuvenating it. So, what exactly is Botox, what are its main usage indications, and how is it used to improve the appearance of facial wrinkles? Let us […]
5 May 2022
Did you know that injections of Dysport and Botox belong to the most popular cosmetic treatments? More precisely, they comprise more than half of all injectable aesthetic procedures worldwide. The main reason for it is that both Botox and Dysport injections rejuvenate and enhance the overall appearance of a patient in a minimally invasive, extremely ...
21 Apr 2022
An average injection of Botox takes less than 15 minutes. It is a minimally invasive procedure that provides a patient with a long-lasting result, no matter whether it comes to facial rejuvenation or health improvement. So, what exactly is Botox? What purpose does it have? How is it injected? And, finally, what are its results? […]
11 Apr 2022
Skin aging is something everybody will face sooner or later. With time, natural collagen production in the body decreases, skin loses its elasticity and youthful glow, and the first mimic wrinkles become clearly visible on our face. And we shouldn’t forget about all the negative factors around us, such as constant sun exposure, bad environment, ...
8 Apr 2022
Botox treatments are among the most popular and wildly used nowadays. How wouldn’t they be so popular if these injections were perfect for not only skin rejuvenation but also for prevention of the aging signs occurrence? However, in today’s article, we would like to discuss precisely how Botox can be helpful in facial wrinkles reduction? ...
31 Mar 2022
Botox injections for skin improvement and rejuvenation are the most frequently performed cosmetic procedure in the aesthetic medicine sphere. If used by a properly-certified doctor, it can help reach plenty of goals, both beauty and medical, as well as demonstrate outstanding, long-lasting results. The most common use of this solution most of you have ...
10 Feb 2022
Have you ever thought of getting lips fuller or lip shape enhanced? At least once? I bet you have. Everybody has. Full lips have been a trend for many years, and now modern cosmetology offers at least a few ways to reach the goal. Except for well-known dermal fillers, there is one more procedure that […]
10 Dec 2021
As we age, it becomes more and more difficult to maintain smooth and attractive skin, mainly because of the reduced amount of collagen and elastin within the human body. Moreover, such factors as sun damage, air pollution, or excessive smoking only accelerate the situation and make your skin look older. However, the contemporary state of […]
18 Oct 2021
Every person comes to a certain moment in his/her life when the question of aging arises. First visible fine lines, pigmentation, loss of volume hint at the approaching aging and are not the best things to see. What to do? While some patiently accept the fact of passing youth, others are not determined to give […]
23 Jul 2021
Botox cosmetic treatment – so many of us have heard about it, but are there a lot of people out there who actually know its working principle? If you are among those curious personalities, we are happy to tell you that all basic info is gathered here. Easy, quick, and understandable. DKdermal is a licensed […]

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