Juvederm Ultra 3

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Manufacturer: Allergan
Capacity: 1ml
Form: 2 prefilled syringe


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The modern Juvederm Ultra 3 filler is created for the elimination of wrinkles and folds of average depth on a forehead, in the field of cheekbones, temples, and in the perioral zone.   The dermal filler of this line is suitable for moderate augmentation and the creation of clear outlines of lips. In our store you can buy Juvederm online and save up to 50%.

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Juvederm Ultra 3 (2x1ml) to Eliminate Moderate Wrinkles and Restore Lost Volume

Dermal filler Juvederm Ultra 3 is a sterile, mono-phase filler of medium density and viscosity, designed for introduction into the middle, less often the upper layers of the dermis. Hyaluronic acid (HA) in a mono-phase filler is more easily distributed and absorbed much longer, compared to biphasic analogs. Thanks to the patented 3D Matrix technology from the French-Canadian company Allergan, Juvederm Ultra 3 helps to correct the contours of the lips and get rid of shallow wrinkles for a period of 8 to 10 months.

The Perfect Formula of Juvederm Ultra 3 Concealer

The manufacturer has developed the Juvederm Ultra 3 line on the basis of highly concentrated HA – 24 mg/ml. Compared to similar remedies, this filler is denser and more elastic, completely restores elasticity, and lost volume in the middle layers of the skin. Sodium hyaluronate does not contain protein impurities, so it easily integrates with natural components of the dermis. The biogel is 100% pyrogen-free, does not provoke complications.

Before Juvederm injections, it is not necessary to apply ointments-analgesics for local anesthesia as the formula includes a 0.3% solution of lidocaine hydrochloride. The anesthetic provides a painless introduction of a filler – the patient does not feel discomfort.

Juvederm Ultra 3 is improved by the inclusion of concentrated phosphate buffer with a pH of 7.2, which reduces swelling and the likelihood of post-procedure reactions to a minimum.

Clinically Proven Advantages of Juvederm Ultra 3

More than 10 million cosmetic sessions have been performed using this filler. More than 97% of patients are satisfied with the result. Cosmetologists note, first of all, the convenience of injection, the absence of pronounced post-procedure reactions, and rapid adaptation of the skin. For the comfort of the client, Juvederm Ultra 3 can be entered by means of thin needles with the optimum size – 27G ½. Needles are included, with two spare units.

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Among the advantages of Juvederm Ultra 3, experts highlight the following characteristics:

  • Continuous effect. If to compare with analogs, Juvederm Ultra 3 is more steady, keeps effect for 2-3 months longer.
  • Exceptional degree of security. The biogel does not contain foreign, indigestible substances. Complications are excluded if precautions are observed.
  • Intensive result. A mono-phase filler with HA fills in wrinkles immediately after injection. The result is most pronounced in 3-4 weeks. There is no need for additional correction.
  • Ease of distribution. To localize the drug immediately after administration, the treated area is massaged, which allows achieving the best result.
  • Minor discomfort can only be caused during punctures. Filler with the addition of lidocaine is absorbed without burning and pain.

Juvederm Ultra 3: Indications for Use

Juvederm Ultra 3 is indicated for clients with moderate wrinkles, with primary signs of volume loss. Dermal filler of the Ultra 3 line is recommended for work with patients aged from 30 to 40 years. Juvederm Ultra 3 perfectly copes with the following tasks:

  • Removing wrinkles of medium depth on the forehead,
  • Elimination of moderate wrinkles in the area between the eyebrows,
  • Raising the corners of the mouth,
  • Volumetric correction of cheekbones and temples,
  • Adjusting the contour and volume of the lips,
  • Smoothing shallow wrinkles above the upper lip,
  • Eliminating sagging skin.

Juvederm Ultra 3, unlike the Ultra 2 line, is not intended for correction of the periorbital part of the face. To eliminate wrinkles in the sensitive area around the eyes, you need to use less dense fillers. You can buy only original dermal fillers at Dkderma.

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