Juvederm Volite

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Manufacturer: Allergan
Capacity: 1ml
Form: 2 prefilled syringe


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A beauty product based on sodium hyaluronate Juvederm Volite is elaborated to correct superficial wrinkles, conduct cosmetic biorevitalization sessions, restore the water balance and quality of the skin in general, rejuvenate problem areas, and increase the tone of the dermis. The gel returns a healthy color to the face, gives the skin firmness and elasticity, eliminates shallow wrinkles, visibly rejuvenates the skin for up to 9 months. You can buy Juvederm online in the USA at the lowest prices.

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Juvederm Volite (2×1 ml): Dermal Fillers from Allergan

Juvederm Volite is a highly effective, completely safe corrector from the French-Canadian manufacturer Allergan, the leader in the beauty products market. The gel is created using the patented, advanced VYCROSS formula, which cross-links the molecules of hyaluronic acid to prolong the durability of the effect. Unlike many other revitalizants, Juvederm Volite guarantees excellent results even after one birevitalization session: the skin becomes elastic, pliable, hydrated, and healthy-looking. The effect lasts from 6 to 9 months.

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Skin Renewal with Improved Juvederm Volite

The Juvederm Volite dermal filler is based on hyaluronic acid (HA) with a concentration of 12 mg/ml. The active ingredient in such a concentration promptly attracts liquid to hydrate the skin, stimulates the production of its own collagen in the dermal layers.

After the complete disintegration of hyaluronate, the effect continues to persist for another 1-2 months due to the saturation of the dermis with synthesized elastin. The active substance is biocompatible. The drug is not rejected and quickly integrates with the natural matrix.

An effective analgesic is added to the formula of Juvederm Volite gel, 0.3 mg/ml lidocaine hydrochloride solution, which relieves pain during Juvederm injections.

Advantages of Juvederm Volite on the Biorevitalizant Market

The modern dermal filler is successfully used in beauty salons and clinics in Europe, the USA, and other countries around the globe. More than 97% of clients were satisfied with the condition of the skin and the duration of the effect. Compared to analogs, Juvederm Volite lasts 4-8 weeks longer. Experts also note 100% safety and ease of injection. The manufacturer provides 2 thin needles of 30G 1/6 size for injection. You can order dermal fillers online at dkdermal.com

Experts note the following main positive properties of Juvederm Volite:

  • Immediate result. Positive changes are noticeable directly after Juvederm injections and improve in 3-5 days after the procedure.
  • Universal action. The beauty product is suitable for multiple purposes. The gel is effectively used to restore the dermis not only of the face but also of the neck, décolleté, and hands.
  • Component compatibility. The composition of Juvederm Volite is compatible with the components of the matrix, as well as with botulinum toxin and other preparations for volumetric plastics.
  • Ease of use. Juvederm Volite is injected subcutaneously, saturating the cells of the dermis with synthesized hyaluronic acid. The session lasts on average for 45 minutes.

Juvederm Volite: Indications for Application

Juvederm Volite is a highly effective remedy for clients with dry skin, signs of skin aging, lost elasticity, and decreased tone, dull complexion, and other age-related changes. Biogel is recommended for patients over the age of 30. Juvederm Volite is chosen for the effective solution of the following tasks:

  • Normalization of the hydration processes in the tissues of the dermis, hydration of the skin,
  • Elimination of shallow, small age-related wrinkles on the face,
  • Restoration of elasticity, smoothness, and plasticity of the skin,
  • Elimination of “age rings” and laxity on the neck, décolleté,
  • Toning, renewing youthful skin texture,
  • Improving the appearance of areas with small scars after acne,
  • Returning the face to its natural color.

Contraindications and Precautions

Juvederm injections are characterized by a low probability of post-procedural reactions and complications.

List of major restrictions:

  • inflammatory processes in the injection area,
  • intolerance to sodium hyaluronate or lidocaine,
  • the presence of herpes, abscesses, and pronounced scars,
  • hemophilia, taking anticoagulants,
  • infectious, dermatological, and autoimmune diseases,
  • the presence of tumors of any kind,
  • pregnancy, lactation,
  • skin diseases in chronic disorders of pigment metabolism.

The beautician must inform the client about the post-procedural rules: for two weeks, patients should not visit the solarium, the beach, the sauna, or the pool. No face care cosmetics should be applied for 2 days. Compliance with these recommendations will avoid complications and ensure the expected result.

Manufacturer: Allergan. Canada

Release form: 2 syringesx1 ml


2 syringes with Juvederm Volite filler

Needle 30G 1/6 – 2 pieces

Storage conditions: Store in a dry, dark place at a temperature of + 2C + 25C.

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