Juvederm Ultra Smile

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Manufacturer: Allergan
Capacity: 0,55ml
Form: 2 prefilled syringe


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Filler based on highly concentrated sodium hyaluronate Juvederm Ultra Smile (2×0.55ml) Allergan is designed for noticeable lip augmentation, giving them a clear, attractive contour, correcting lip relief and shape. The filler has a high density that allows you to smooth vertical wrinkles in the perioral area. On dkdermal.com you can order Juvederm fillers in the USA.

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Juvederm Ultra Smile Formula for an Attractive Smile

The injectable filler Juvederm Ultra Smile is a monophasic, biocompatible, viscous gel for subcutaneous injection into the lip area. The corrector is based on hyaluronic acid (HA) with a higher concentration than most competing fillers – 24 mg/ml. Mono-phase and an increase in the concentration of the active component made it possible to extend the effect to 8-12 months. The period of action depends on the intensity of blood circulation in the perioral zone.

The composition of Juvederm Ultra Smile includes synthesized HA, which is distinguished by slow biodegradation even with increased blood circulation in the injection zone. The active ingredient not only plumps the lips, adding volume but also forms an internal “deposit” of liquid for long-lasting and highly effective moisturizing of the lips from the inside, making their surface smooth and soft. After the correction, the lips look attractive and completely natural.

Since the injection site of the filler is characterized by increased sensitivity, for the client’s comfort, the manufacturer added an internal analgesic to the Juvederm Ultra Smile formula – a solution of 0.3 mg/ml lidocaine hydrochloride. The injection takes place without burning and painful sensations, which is a significant advantage of this gel.

To reduce swelling when injected, sodium phosphate with a pH of 7.2 has been added to the perioral corrector to reduce the likelihood of inflammation and other adverse reactions.

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High Standards of Juvederm Ultra Smile (2×0.55ml)

Juvederm Ultra Smile has a soft hemogenic structure and high elasticity, which guarantees even distribution of the gel and ease of administration. Experts recommend injecting bio gel with thin 27G needles.

Experts highlight the following benefits of using Juvederm injections:

  • Painlessness of the procedure. The anesthetic in the formula ensures client’s comfort during the session and promotes better absorption of HA by relaxing the muscles.
  • Long duration of action. This gel is characterized by persistence, maintains the corrected volume and shape of the lips for at least 8 months. The result can be maintained for all declared 12 months.
  • When creating Juvederm Ultra Smile, technologists adhere to the highest standards using highly purified HA of non-animal origin. Therefore the gel is hypoallergenic, is not rejected by the organism, and integrates well with cells.
  • Rapid achievement of maximum results. Changes are noticeable within 1-2 days after the injection of the filler into the lips or peri-labial area. The effect is most pronounced after 2-4 weeks.
  • Uniformity of filling. The elastic, soft texture of Juvederm Ultra Smile provides easy distribution of the gel throughout the entire correction area. The implant does not spread. It preserves its shape for a long time.

Juvederm Ultra Smile: Indications for Use

The dermal filler has two main directions of action:1) changing the contour and volume of lips and 2) eliminating fine wrinkles around the mouth, so the gel is suitable for clients of different age groups. Younger patients, up to 35 years old, are more likely to enlarge their lips. As for the older patients, they correct the contours and erase wrinkles. Using Juvederm Ultra Smile gives excellent results when:

  • Adding volume to the lips, significantly increasing them,
  • Raising, correcting the drooping corners of the mouth,
  • Correction of the relief and shape of the lips, restoration of their symmetry,
  • Creation of clear, pronounced contours of the lips,
  • Saturating lips with moisture, softening and smoothing the surface,
  • Elimination of vertical wrinkles around the mouth.

Juvederm Ultra Smile gives lips a volume that is as close to natural as possible. This filler is not used for volumetric plastics of the cheeks, cheekbones, forehead, and other areas.

Contraindications and Precautions

The introduction of the dermal filler Juvederm Ultra Smile gel, especially for patients with skin hypersensitivity, can provoke standard post-procedural reactions: the formation of papules, edema, redness, induration, and bruising. Signs of side effects may remain on the skin for no longer than 5-7 days. Otherwise, the client is advised to consult a doctor. Juvederm Ultra Smile must not be combined with other permanent fillers. The patient should be informed about possible complications. If the client falls under at least one of the points of contraindications, the session must be postponed or completely abandoned. For athletes, this filler is dangerous due to possible positive indicators during a doping test. On the Dkdermal website, you can buy dermal fillers at the lowest price.

List of major restrictions:

  • intolerance to filler components,
  • predisposition to the formation of scars and keloids,
  • the presence of scars or scars in the puncture area,
  • dermatological diseases, including herpes,
  • pregnancy or breastfeeding,
  • oncology of any stage,
  • autoimmune and infectious diseases,
  • disorders of skin pigmentation.

The beautician must inform about the post-procedural rules: up to 14 days, the patient must not expose the body to UV radiation, serious physical exercising and overheating, do not visit the beach, bathhouse, and similar places; within 48-72 hours, it is not recommended to apply makeup on the face and use lipsticks.

Manufacturer: Allergan Canada

Release form: 2 syringes x 0.55 ml

Set includes:

2 syringes with Juvederm Ultra Smile filler

Needle 27G 1/2 – 2 pieces

Instructions for use

Do not use the product if the packaging is open or damaged.

Storage conditions: Store in a dry, dark place at a temperature of + 2C + 25C.

The drug has contraindications. Specialist consultation is required.

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