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Can You Get Botox or Fillers After Your Covid Vaccine?

6 Sep 2022
Can You Get Botox or Fillers after Your Covid Vaccine?

The COVID-19 pandemic has lasted for three years now, and nobody knows whether it will end soon; however, people are adaptable creatures, which means we have already learned to live in this new reality. And, thanks to modern medicine, we can be protected and follow our daily routines with just slight changes; of course, we mean a COVID-19 vaccine shot available for anyone who wants to preserve their well-being, as well as the health of those around them. But, as we all know, with all indications, there are certain contraindications and eliminations that should be understood, considered, and discussed before and after the injection. Among those are all the nuances related to the aesthetic medicine sphere.

Today, we would like to discuss whether it is safe to combine covid vaccines with such products as Botox and hyaluronic acid dermal fillers and what are the general recommendations from medical specialists related to this topic. We hope our readers will find all the necessary information and learn more about vaccination!

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Is It Safe to Combine Dermal Fillers and Covid Vaccine?

Dermal filler and Botox injection are now a usual way of skin rejuvenation and general appearance improvement. By using those, it is possible to not only get rid of lines and creases but also eliminate other facial surface flaws, such as post-acne marks, scars, and other little imperfections.

After covid vaccines occurred on the market, many aesthetic medicine patients became concerned about whether it is safe to administer fillers and Botox after having the Pfizer (or any other vaccine) shot. This concern is 100% natural because we, people, tend to be afraid of new, unchecked things. But here we are to dispel your fears: aesthetic treatments can be confidently performed after the COVID vaccination. Of course, we are talking about a safe procedure in the clinic performed by a licensed professional; it is impossible to order Botox online just to use it at home.

The only thing we have to warn you about is that there are some post-treatment reactions (as with any cosmetic procedure), so it is better to be careful and inform the doctor about any unusual symptoms that bother you to get timely assistance from an experienced specialist.

Filler and Botox Injections. Procedure’s Protocol and Working Principle
Filler and Botox Injections

After the vaccination, the procedure protocol doesn’t differ from the usual filler administration routine. It is performed in a few simple steps:

  1. The treated area should be defined together with a doctor during the pre-appointment. The injection spot, dosage, and number of procedures should be discussed there as well;
  2. Before the injection session, makeup should be removed and facial surface cleaned from natural oils, dust, and other contaminants;
  3. For people with low pain tolerance, it is possible to use a topical anesthetic before the cosmetic injection. In this way, even the slightest discomfort can be eliminated during the administration process;
  4. After the dermal filler injection, the area should be gently massaged in order to spread out gel evenly under the skin. With Botox, it is better not to rub the surface for at least a few hours;
  5. Please, contact a specialist if any side effects occur after the treatment. In this way, you’ll avoid possible health complications and dangerous post-injection issues.

After the aesthetic procedure, the results should be expected in a few days; the durability of the effect may vary based on the products’ type and active substances in their base (for example, facial fillers may last from six months and up to two years under the skin, while botulinum toxins can guarantee the maximum durability of six months).

Target Areas for the Treatment

Regarding Botox with botulinum toxin type A in the base, specialists mainly recommend using it for wrinkles prevention in the upper and middle face (crow’s feet, frown lines, glabellar lines, and so on).

When it comes to hyaluronic acid fillers, practically any facial area can be treated with their help: nasolabial folds, marionette lines, crow’s feet, and other hollow zones can be quickly perfected by using injectables. Moreover, some other aesthetic problems can be solved with the help of dermal fillers as well, namely volume loss restoration, lip shaping and augmentation, facial contouring, and many others. In order to pick the perfect brand and product for an individual, it is crucial to talk to a specialist and discuss all the desired results and possible treatment nuances.

Post-Reactions of COVID-19 Vaccine

Any COVID-19 vaccine, whether it’s a Pfizer vaccine or Moderna vaccine, is meant to strengthen our immune system and protect us from the dangerous illness that has spread around the world with genuinely terrifying speed. The seriousness of the disease, as well as life-threatening conditions that can be caused by covid, is the main reason people choose to get vaccinated to preserve their well-being. However, most patients were informed about adverse effects after the injection (most people experienced negative reactions after the first dose but still had some side effects after the second dose). Typically, all unpleasant symptoms last for no longer than two days and generally are gone without the doctor’s assistance; however, you should get in touch with a medical specialist if any dangerous adverse reactions occur (allergic reactions, loss of consciousness, trouble breathing, etc.).

So, what side effects are expected after the COVID-19 vaccine?

  • Increased sensitivity in the injection spot;
  • Administration zone reactions (redness, swelling, itching, and so on);
  • Fever, chills, muscle pain;
  • Fatigue;
  • Nausea and vomiting;
  • Blood pressure troubles;
  • Painful sensations and stiffness in joints.

Due to flu-like symptoms and general similarity to this illness, an individual may feel oddly weak and not be able to do anything because of the adverse effects; that’s why we recommend talking to a friend or someone in the family, so they can take care of them if the general well-being is not the best. As was already mentioned, two days is the maximum when it comes to the adverse reactions durability, so don’t worry about negative symptoms; they will be gone in no time.

Botox and Dermal Filler Adverse Reactions

Speaking about dermal filler and Botox injections, there are no adverse reactions caused by previously administered shots meant to protect from the coronavirus infection. The only thing people have noticed is slightly more visible facial swelling after the treatment; however, it is typically gone in a few days after the procedure, so don’t worry about that. Also, a delayed hypersensitivity reaction may occur, but it is incredibly rare, and its chances are close to zero.

Other than that, the symptoms remain the same:

  • Mild tenderness in the injection spot;
  • Slight inflammatory reactions after the treatment (redness, itching, and so on);
  • Headache and nausea;
  • Etc.

These symptoms are not dangerous and tend to be gone in a day or two after the procedure. However, still, it is recommended to talk with a specialist if any disturbing side effects occur (filler migration, painful sensations in the treated zone, an allergic reaction, and others). Patients who recently received a vaccine for a novel coronavirus infection may notice more durable inflammation in the target area; however, it is not dangerous and can be quickly eliminated with the help of a correctly planned aftercare routine (for example, some beauticians recommend applying ice to reduce the swelling). Other than that, side effects before and after the vaccination are the same, which means all the post-treatment recommendations stay the same, too.

Post-Treatment Safety Rules

After the cosmetic dermatology procedure, the aftercare recommendations are pretty easy to follow and suitable for any patient out there. Here are a few tips most doctors recommend doing after the Botox and dermal filler administration:

  • Apply ice to the injection spot to reduce swelling and bruising;
  • Don’t massage the place of the gel administration to avoid filler migration;
  • Don’t sleep with your face down, and don’t apply pressure to the treated area for at least a day;
  • Don’t visit overheated places for injection site reactions to disappear faster (swelling, itching, redness, etc.);
  • Avoid exercising for a day or two;
  • Reduce alcohol intake, as well as avoid blood-thinning medications to reduce bruising.

Other than that, some individual recommendations may be given to a patient based on their health conditions and individual body peculiarities, so we recommend always being in touch with a medical specialist to receive timely help (if it would be needed, of course).

The Bottom Line: About Botox and Dermal Fillers After the COVID Vaccine

Based on surveys and recently collected data, the COVID-19 vaccines don’t affect the quality of aesthetic treatments and cannot be dangerous to patients who use dermal fillers and Botox to perfect their appearance. That’s why there should be no worries about horrible adverse reactions or health problems after the procedure; the only thing people usually tell about is extra swelling in the administration spot, but other than that, all side effects remain the same. So, if you have been restricting yourself from trying injectable fillers or botulinum toxins just because you are afraid of unknown and potentially dangerous symptoms afterward, relax and go for it. The covid vaccine is meant to protect – not harm. Thank you for tuning in and visiting our blog; make sure to check out other interesting articles available on our website!

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